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New Found La Prairie Voyageur Ancestors (AFT March 11, 2017)

Addenda to Ripples from La Prairie Voyageur Canoes (AFTER March 11, 2017)

Charles Duquet (1692–1747) (7th great-uncle)
son of Jean Duquet dit Desrochers (1651–1710) and Catherine-Ursule Amiot (1664–1715)
BIRTH 27 FEB 1692 • Lauzon, Quebec, Canada
DEATH 11 AUG 1747 • Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada
Marriage 1719 to Catherine Mallet (1700–1768)
• 1739, Jun 19, Engagement of Charles Duquet to Sr Montgras to go to Michilimackinac.

Jacques Cusson (1700–1758) (1st cousin 9x removed)
son of Jean Baptiste Cusson Dit Desormiers (1673–1740) and Marguerite Rochereau (1679–1733)
BIRTH 5 AUG 1700 • Montréal, Quebec, Canada
DEATH 7 MAR 1758 • La Prairie, , Quebec, Canada
Marriage 1729 to Michelle Cholet (1705-_)
• 1741, Jun 2, Engagement of Jacques Cusson to Claude Marin Ecuyer, to go to Michilimackinac

Jacques Pinsonneau dit Lafleur (1682–1773) (6th great-grandfather)
son of François Pinsonneau dit Lafleur (1646–1731) and Anne LeBer (1647–1732)
BIRTH 13 APR 1682 • Contrecoeur, Quebec, Canada
DEATH 22 MAR 1773 • La Prairie, Quebec, Canada
Marriage 1712 to Marie Elisabeth Bourassa (1695–1766)

• 1744, Apr 12, Engagement of Jacques Pinsonneau to Joseph Delalamce & Mc Cherurgien to go to pays d'Haut

Louis Lambert Duquet dit Desrochers (1722–1790) (1st cousin 7x removed)
son of Charles Duquet (1692–1747) and Catherine Mallet (1700–1768)
BIRTH 1722 • Lachine, Quebec, Canada
DEATH 8 SEP 1790 • LaPrairie, Quebec, Canada
Marriage 1749 to Suzanne Boursier (1724-1797)
• 1745, May 15, Engagement of Louis Duquet to Dequindre

• 1748, June 14, Permission of the Governor of the Galissonniere to the Sieurs de Clignancour, L'Echelle and Moniere to send from Montreal six canoes equipped with thirty-eight men to the station of La Baie. It is forbidden to do any business other than at the said post. Role of the engages of the six canoes; Jean-Baptiste Pomainville, guide; Gabriel Gervais, Pierre Laviolette, Joseph Denio, Joseph Couillard, Pierre Laviolette, of Châteauguay; Louis Roze, Pierre Roze, and Pierre Poirier off the Rivière-des-Prairies; Toussaint Truteau, Joseph La Sablonnière and Louis L'Ecuyer, of Montreal; Baptiste Duclos, Baptiste Dubord and Laurent Roy of Pointe-aux-Trembles; François Bacqueville of Champlain; Baptiste Belhumeur, of Repentigny; Jean Parent of Pointe-Claire; André (illegible), of Lavaltrie; Hyacinthe Lafleur, of Saint-Leonard; Louis Leclerc of Saint-Lambert; Augustin Goulet of Saint-Sulpice; André Laperle of Laprairie; François Denio of Laprairie; Louis Duquet, Antoine Pain (?), Hubert (illegible); J.-B. Chaber, of Châteauguay; Charles Durand and Joseph Lachine; Alexander (illegible), of the Isle of Jesus; Maurice (illegible), of Montreal; Michel Créqui (?), Joseph Chartier and Pierre Duverger, of Lotbinière.

• 1749, May 25, Permission of the Governor of the Galissonniere to Sieur Moniere to send from Montreal two canoes equipped with fourteen men under the direction of Antoine Lalonde to go to the post at La Baie. Defense not to make any business elsewhere than at the said post of La Baie and its dependencies. Role of the two canoes: Antoine Lalonde dit Latreille, guide, Louis Duquet B. Tabeau, Pierre Laviolette, Pierre Poureau (?), Of Pointe-Claire; Charles Dussault, François Huno and François Dagenest, of Lachine; René Lafantaisie, Basile Lalande, of Montreal; l'Ile.Bizard; Louis Gagnier of Laprairie; Antoine Sansquartier, of Saint-Michel; Jean-Baptiste Fauteux, of Côte-des-Neiges.

• 1750, May 29, Permission of the governor of the Jonquiere to Sieur Laurent Bertrand, merchant, to leave Montreal, with a canoe equipped with six men to go to the station of Michillimakinac. Forbid Bertrand and his men to engage in any trade or commerce with the Indians or any other persons, except in the said post and its dependencies. Role of the engaged of the said canoe: Louis Duquet and Jacques Paré, of Châteauguay; Joseph Carrière and Charles Defond, of Montreal; Charles Senet of Pointe-aux-Trembles; Ignace Pente (?), Of Sorel.

• 1751, May 23, Engagement of Louis Duquet to Michel Parmier to go to michilimackinac

• 1752, Feb 28, Engagement of Louis Duquet to René De Couagne

• 1756, Apr 20, Engagement of Louis Duquet to Michelina Kinak

• 1768, Apr 24, Engagement of Louis Duquet to Joseph Perinault to go to michilimackinac.

Jérémie Duquet (1736–1771) (6th great-uncle)
son of Etienne Duquet dit Desrochers (1695–1762) and Marie-Françoise Deneau dit Destaillis (1698–1737)
BIRTH 20 JUL 1736 • Laprairie, Quebec
DEATH 1771 • Canada
Marriage 1765 to Marie Louise Dupuis (1743–1808)
• 1789, Jan 19, Engagement of Jérémie Duquet, voyageur from LaPrairie, to MCTAVISH, FROBISHER & CO. for one year, to go to Nord Ouest via Grand Portage.
• 1797, Aug 4, Engagement of Jérémie Duquet, voyageur from LaPrairie, to JACQUES & FRANCOIS LASSELLE for one year, to go to Detroit.

François Pinsonneau (Pinsono) (1777–1846) (5th great-uncle)
son of Joseph Pinsonneau (Pinsono)(1733–1779) and Marie Madeleine Duquet (1734–1791)
BIRTH 22 OCT 1777 • La Prairie, Roussillon, Quebec, Canada
Marriage to Euphrosine Brosseau (1781–1846)
• 1802, Nov 30, Engagement of Francois Pinsonneau to Mactavish and Frobisher Co., to go to Nord-Ouest.

Louis Pinsonneau (1760-1831) (1st cousin 6x removed)
son of Rene Pinsonneau (1724-1793) and Marie Angelique Beaudin (Bodin) (1735-1788)
BIRTH ABT. 1760 • LaPrairie, Quebec, Canada
DEATH JANUARY 1831 • Cahokia, St. Clair County, Illinois, USA
Marriage unknown
• 1804, Mar 30, Engagement of Louis Pinsonneau of LaPrairie to Toussaint Pothier, to go to Illinois and Michilimackinac, 1 year, SECOND GOUVERNAIL. Notary Louis Chaboillez. M620/1201

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