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Ripples, Chapter Four, Desroches Family

Desroches Family

Jean Baptiste Desroches (1621-1684) (8th great-grandfather)
son of Jean Antoine Desroches (1585-1652) and Antoinette Unknown (1585-_)
• 1667, formed a trading company with Nicolas Perrot, Toussaint Baudry, and Isaac Nafrechoux. Together they traveled west to Ottawa Country, and to Green Bay in 1668.
Birth 1621 • Le Bois, Haute-Loire, Auvergne, France
Death 23 AUG 1684 • Pointe Aux Tembles, Montreal, Canada
Marriage 1647 to Francoise Godé (Gaudet) (1631-1715)

Jean Baptiste Desroches travelled with Nicolas Perrot on his 1667 exploration

In 1667 Nicolas Perrot formed a trading company with Toussaint Baudry, Jean Desroches and Isaac Nafrechoux, and together they traveled west to Ottawa. Traveling still further west, Perrot and his partners became the first French traders to deal with the Algonquian tribes near Green Bay in 1668.

Working to break the trade monopoly the Ottawas had over the western tribes, Perrot opened direct trade relations with the Potawatomi and established himself as an Indian diplomat by settling a dispute between the Potawatomi and the Menominee. Perrot returned to Montreal with furs in 1670.

Nicolas Desroches (1652-1737) 8th great-uncle
son of Jean Baptiste Desroches (1621-1684) and Francoise Godé (Gaudet) (1631-1715)
• 1682, François Hazeur, marchand, de Québec, engages Denis Turpin, Ignace, Hébert and Nicolas Desroches, for exploration and trade with 8ta8ats (Ottawa Indians).
Birth 7 OCT 1652 • Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Death 27 APR 1737 • Pte aux Trembles, Quebec, Canada
Marriage 1688 to Jeanne Perthuis (1673-1735)

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