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Ripples, Chapter Four, Godet Family

Godé (Godet) (Gaudet) (Gaudette) dit Marentette Family

Nicolas Godé Jr. (1629-1697) (9th great-uncle)
son of Nicolas Godé (1583-1657) and Francoise Gadois (Gaudet) (1591-1689)
BIRTH ABT 1629 • Sées, Orne, Basse-Normandie, France
DEATH 13 APR 1697 • Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Marriage 1658 • Montreal, Quebec, to Marguerite Picard (1646-1722)
• 1680s, Engagement of Nicolas Godet Jr. to Nicolas Perrot to go to a l'ouest (maybe Green Bay).
• Nicolas Godé, a father of voyageurs was murdered by Iroquois Indians.

In an excerpt from the biography of Jean de Saint-Pére in the "Dictionary of Canadian Biography," 1966–2015 University of Toronto, we find the following account of the murder of my 9th great grandfather Nicolas Godé:

"This Man who had as solid a piety, as alert a mind, and in general… as excellent a judgment as have ever been known here [at Montreal] met with a tragic end on 25 Oct. 1657.

For a short time there had been peace between the French and the Iroquois.  A group of Oneidas [one of the five founding nations of the Iroquois Confederacy] appeared on the land of Nicolas Godé, who, together with his son-in-law Jean de Saint-Père and their servant Jacques Noël, was busy building a house.

The Frenchmen received the visitors most courteously, and even gave them a meal.

The Iroquois, who had come under the guise of peace and friendship, but with treacherous intent, waited until their hosts had climbed back again onto the roof and were within range of their arquebuses (1); they then “brought them down like sparrows.”

French arquebuses

To complete their work, the Oneidas scalped Godé and Noël, but cut off Saint-Père’s head and carried it off “in order to have his fine growth of hair.”

Jacques Godet (Gaudet) (Gaudette) dit Marentette (1673-1729) (1st cousin 9x removed)
son of Nicolas Godé Jr. (1629-1697) and Marguerite Picard (1646-1722)
BIRTH 13 OCT 1673 • Montreal, Quebec, Canada
DEATH 19 APR 1729 • Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Marriage 1698, in Trois-Rivières to Marguerite Duguay (1675-_)
• 1693, Engagement of Jacques Godet dit Marentette to Louis Hubert dit LaCroix to go to Michilimackinac.
• 1705, Engagement of Jacques Godet dit Marentette to Charles de Couagne to go to the pays d'En haut.
• 1707, Voyageur to Fort Pontchartrain du Detroit. Jacques Godé(t) is mentioned as "a voyageur" in the records of Fort Pontchartrain du Detroit in 1707.
• 1712, Engagement of Jacques Godet dit Marentette to François De Laforest to go to Detroit.

Jacques Godet (1699–1760) (2nd cousin 8x removed)
son of Jacques Godet (1673-1729) Marguerite Duguay (1675_)
BIRTH 22 AUG 1699 • Montreal, Quebec, Canada
DEATH 8 NOV 1760 • Detroit, Michigan
Marriage 1743 • Bois Blanc Island, Mackinac, Michigan, to Louisa Margaret Geneveva Baudry St Martin Dit Desbuttes (1724–1766)
• A voyageur in the records of Fort Pontchartrain du Detroit.

Dominique Godet (1701-1756) (2nd cousin 8x removed)
son of Jacques Godet (1673-1729) Marguerite Duguay (1675_)
BIRTH 19 JAN 1701 • Montréal, Quebec, Canada
DEATH 15 SEP 1756 • Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Marriage to Marie-Anne Cuillerier (1706-1757)
• Fur Trader, 1736, May 8, Engagement of Augustin Langlois, son, of Ville-Marie, to Dominique Godet & Co., to make the trip to the post of  Ouiatanons, (two years).
• Fur Trader, 1754, Dominique Godet hired Joseph Gagne voyageur de LaPrairie to go to Detriot, Devant or Gouvernail, Notary Louis Claude Danré de Blanzy.

Joseph Godet (1714-1739) (2nd cousin 8x removed)
son of Jacques Godet (1673-1729) Marguerite Duguay (1675_)
BIRTH 26 JUN 1714 • Montréal, Quebec, Canada
DEATH 23 NOV 1739 • Montréal, Quebec, Canada
never married
• Died young on a voyageur trip to Detroit.

François-Xavier Godet (1720-1785) (2nd cousin 8x removed)
son of Jacques Godet (1673-1729) Marguerite Duguay (1675_)
BIRTH 5 MAR 1720 • Montréal, Quebec, Canada
DEATH 24 MAY 1785 • Assumption, Windsor, On, Canada
Marriage 1755, in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, to Jeanne Parent (1739-1814)
• Fur Trader, 1754, May 6, Engagement of Michel Baudin to s Francois Godet to go Detroit. Notary Blanzy.
• François was a bourgois commercant (merchant) and officié des milices bourgoise (militia officer) who lived on rue St Joseph, Detroit.

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