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Ripples, Chapter Four, Sedilot Family

Sedilot (Sédillot) Family

Louis Sédillot dit Montreuil (1601-1672) (9th great-grandfather)
parents unknown
BIRTH ABOUT 1601 • Montreuil-sur-Breche, Departement de l'Oise, Picardie, France
DEATH 25 JAN 1672 • Notre Dame, Quebec, Canada
Marriage (1) 1626 to Marie Challe Charier (1606–1636); Marriage (2) Marriage to Marie Grimoult (1606–1672)
• 1637, Louis arrived in Québec, where he obtained work from the "Company of One Hundred Associates" clearing and planting land. 

Marie Sédilot (1627–1689) (9th great-aunt)
daughter of Louis Sédilot dit Montreuil (1601–1672) and Marie Challe Charier (1606–1636)
BIRTH ABT. 1627 • France
DEATH 12 JUNE 1689 • Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada
Marriage (1) Bef. 1645 to Bertrand Farfard (Fafart) dit Laframboise (1620–1660); Marriage (2) Abt. 1661 to René Besnard (Benard) dit Bourjoli et Carignan (1625–1689)
• Marie was the mother of three voyageur sons:
Joseph Farfard (Fafart) (1645-1666) (1st cousin 9x removed)
Joseph Bénard dit Carignan (1662-1735) (1st cousin 9x removed)
Maurice Bénard dit Bourjoli (1666-1751) (1st cousin 9x removed)

Jean Baptiste Sédilot dit Montreuil
(1647–1687) (9th great-uncle)
son of Louis Sédilot dit Montreuil (1600–1672) and Marie Grimoult (1606–1682)
BIRTH 1647 • Quebec, Canada
DEATH ABT 1687 • Quebec, Canada
Marriage 1669 to Marie Claire De La Hogue (–1687)
• reported to have been a Coureur des bois.

Jean Baptiste Sédilot (1689–1766) (1st cousin 9x removed)
son of Jean Baptiste Sédilot dit Montreuil (1647–1687) and Marie Claire De La Hogue (_-1687
BIRTH DEC 3 1689 • Quebec (Basilique Notre-Dame), Quebec, Canada
DEATH APR 13 1766 • Les Cedres (St-Joseph-de-Soulanges) Quebec, Canada
Marriage 1711 to Marie Barbe Rapin (1693–1766)
• 1736, Mar 28, Engagement of Jean Bte Sédillotte to Simon Guillory and De la Ronde, associates, to make the journey to the station of Chagouamigon, to help to load a canoe of merchandise, and to descend with it two years later Loaded with pelts.

François Sédilot dit Montreuil (1673-_)  (1st cousin 9x removed)
son of Jean Baptiste Sédilot dit Montreuil (1647–1687) and Marie Claire De La Hogue (_-1687
BIRTH 4 OCT 1673 • Québec, Quebec, Canada
DEATH unknown
no known marriage
• 1733, May 17, Engagement of Francois Montreuil with Nicolas and Francois Volant brothers, to go up and down only at the station of the Detroit, to help carry canoes of merchandise, and obey in everything that will be ordered to him of licit and honest.
• 1734, Apr 30, Engagement of François Montreuil to Dame Marie de Pecaudy to make the trip to the fort the Chartrain Bridge of the Detroit. Notary Lepallieur.
• 1737, Apr. 26, Engagement Francois Sédilot dit Montreuil, a voyageur, ordinarily residing at the Prairie de la Madeleine, presently at Ville-Marie, Jean Garreau & Cie, to make the journey to the Bay of the Puants post in canoe Of merchandise, and return it the next year loaded with pelts.
• 1741, May 26, Engagement of Francois Sédillot dit Montreuil & Louis Damour, Sr. of Clignancourt, and Company to go to Fort Pontchartrain of the Detroit. Notary Blanzy.

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